Things That Don’t Suck

Owning a boat means continual involvement with people, services, and gear essential to the care and feeding of our home on the water. Many are trials to be endured, and some are true pains in the ass. But occasionally someone or something astonishes us by exceeding our (cynical and jaded) expectations, providing good value or excellent service and, at least for a while, putting smiles on our faces. We think those people or things deserve a mention. So this is our carefully curated personal list of what we call “Things That Don’t Suck.”

Essex Credit Boats are expensive. Unless you’ve recently sold the house, hit the Lotto, or inherited the estate, that means you’re probably going to need a loan. With immediate online approval and the best rates available, Essex makes buying a boat about as easy as you can hope for. We had read some unflattering comments from a few disgruntled customers, but we found them to be honest and straightforward. There’s a reason they do all the boat and RV financing for Sam’s Club. If you’re in the market, give them a try.

Troendle Marine — Refits and time in the yard are never fun. But Bill and Barb Troendle, owners of Troendle Marine Services in Pensacola, Florida, make it as pain free as it can possibly be. Providing professional service at a fair price, they do what they say they’ll do when they say they’ll do it, and make you feel like family in the process. Located at Pensacola Shipyard on Bayou Chico.