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Always Time For A Sunset

We headed out Friday afternoon to spend the long Columbus Day weekend at the beach. The sun is setting earlier now, and we only had two hours to make the anchorage before dark. It’s an easy 90 minute motor from our slip to Little Sabine bay, which meant we had plenty of time. But there was a fair southwest wind, and well, we’re sailors, dammit, not power boaters. We’d been busy the past two weeks getting our dive certifications, and we wanted to go for a sail. So we rolled out the main and jib and shut off the engine and coasted quietly along at 5 knots.


A very relaxed manner at the helm

It was a good wind, but not quite from the right direction, which meant we had to take an indirect route to the beach. Time got away from us, and before we knew it, the sun started to set. But when we saw the show nature had in store for us, we lost all thought of hurrying to make the bay and drop anchor before dark. Instead, we pointed up, drifted, and just took it all in.

Sunset1 Sunset2 Sunset3

We’ll pick another time to be in a hurry. Tonight, we just wanted to sit back and enjoy the show.

This is why we sail.