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Our Latest Articles!

Rhonda and I were pleasantly surprised to open our February issue of Southwinds magazine and see that I had not one, but two articles published in the issue! With some of the bumps we’ve encountered along our cruising road this past month, this put a smile on our faces, and will even add some dollars to the cruising fund.

“A Cellular Plan for Cruisers,” our explanation of why and how we chose Google Fi as our cellular carrier for cruising, appears on page 48 of the February 2018 issue.

And “What’s In A Name,” a humorous look at picking a good name for a cruising boat, is on page 70.

If you’re interested, check your local marina or favorite marine store for a copy, or you can read them online at the Southwinds Magazine site:

Read the Current Issue of SOUTHWINDS Magazine

And don’t forget, if you enjoy the articles and would like to sample more of my writing, my science thriller Lunar Dance is still available on Amazon in hardcover, paperback and Kindle versions! 🙂 Check the page margins for a link.

I Almost Forgot…

Things took such an unexpected turn earlier this month that I completely forgot to share some good news. Southwinds Magazine published one of our blog posts. You can find it on the last page of their July issue. Here’s a link if you’re interested:

While I’m not particularly motivated to try and turn writing into a paying gig (sounds too much like work, and I’m retired, afterall), earning a few dollars through magazine articles helps build our credibility as journalists. That will be important when we submit our paperwork to return to Cuba in the hopefully not-to-distant future!

Nothing to share yet about our immediate plans. As we’ve mentioned, we’ve returned home to deal with an unexpected family health crisis. It’s too soon to tell, but as of today, well, let’s just say we have our hands full and it’s not clear when the journey will resume. As soon as we figure it out, we promise you’ll be among the first to know…