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The Monster Mash

It was Pensacola’s hottest ticket—probably one of the best costume parties in town. Held at the downtown Museum of Commerce, the annual Halloween event hosted by The Society Of Sinful Souls had a live band, open bar, a light buffet, and best of all for frugal sailors, it was completely free. But admission was by invitation only. And Rhonda just happened to have the right connections!


We needed costumes, and quickly! Fortunately, I still have my old Star Fleet uniform that Rhonda made me over 20 years ago (and it still fits!), and we had loads of Seahawks fan gear onboard.Halloween2

Suitably attired, off we went for a night of adult fun. The museum was a short four blocks from the marina. Once there, we danced…


We ate…

Halloween4 Halloween6 Halloween5

We imbibed…

Halloween7 Halloween8Halloween9

And we checked out the amazing costumes…Halloween17

Halloween10 Halloween11Halloween19 Halloween12 Halloween13 Halloween14 Halloween15 Halloween16Halloween18

We stayed out way too late, finally wandering back to the boat in the wee hours of the morning. But it was another great addition to our expanding collection of treasured memories as we start to wrap up this Summer Of Taking It All In. We can’t thank the Society of Sinful Souls enough for inviting us! And we’ve learned that we need to add Halloween costumes to our list of essential cruising gear.