About Us

Hello, and welcome to Life On The Hook. We’re Rhonda and Robert, and this is the chronicle of our waterborne life.

The kids are finally grown and on their own, so for the first time in almost 30 years, we can pursue our wants, needs, dreams and desires as our first priority. Since there was no more need for a four bedroom home and we were eligible for an early retirement, we had this crazy notion that it would be a fun and enriching adventure to sell the house, chuck our dirt-dwelling lives and set out upon the sea to wherever the winds care to take us. So come on along as we sort through the trials, tribulations, challenges and emotions of embarking on this third act of our lives together, and follow us to some of our favorite destinations.

Our hope is that if any of you are considering a similar path, you may learn something from our experiences, and we from yours. To make sure you’re up on all the latest news, hit the Subscribe button over on the right to never miss a post. And don’t forget to follow us on Facebook! We post a lot of little what-are-we-up-to-today items there that don’t merit a blog post.

So relax and grab a beer and let’s all head down to where the boat leaves from… (with a grateful nod to Zac Brown)


Oh, and about that quote in the header – it’s a famous German philosopher’s way of saying that you either understand why we’re doing what we’re doing. or you don’t, in which case we probably look a little crazy to you. Cheers!