A Merry Cruiser’s Christmas

One of the first things we learned when adjusting to our Life On The Hook™ is how little space there is onboard for extraneous stuff. If we can’t eat it, it isn’t related to safety or security, serve multiple purposes, or address an ongoing need, then there just isn’t room for it on S/V Eagle Too. For that reason, our initial plans to pack along a small collection of Christmas lights, decorations and a modest artificial tree so we could celebrate the season quickly collided with our new reality, and it all ended up in our storage unit.  We just couldn’t find space onboard for things that would only be used once a year.

Because she misses her garden, Rhonda tries to maintain a few small herb plants onboard. It gives her something to grow and nourish, and also spices up our cuisine. So when she found a small rosemary plant shaped like a tiny Christmas tree at the grocery store, we gave it a home. It provided Santa a place to leave a few presents, and once the holidays are over, it will supply savory spice for our steaks and stews. It checks the boxes of being multi-functional and edible, and so a new tradition is born!

We’ve definitely gotten into the spirit of the cruiser’s minimalist Christmas here aboard Eagle Too. Rather than an orgy of conspicuous consumption, our holiday has become  a day to relax, reach out to family and enjoy some scrumptious food. It’s almost embarrassing to look back at our first Christmas aboard! How far we’ve come.

Rhonda and I want to take a moment to wish each of you a very Merry Christmas and extend our best wishes for your pending New Year.

3 thoughts on “A Merry Cruiser’s Christmas

  1. Liz Hayes

    I love your rosemary tree! Fragrant & pretty. Speaking of rosemary, I just bought ingredients to make the poppyseed cake Ginny’s family loves. Unfortunately I bought rosemary goat cheese instead of plain. The tiny green specks are not that numerous; I’ll bet I can get away with it. Hope you had some homemade spice cookies ‘under’ the tree.
    Have wonderful new year! Looking forward to more descriptions of your experiences in Cuba. Love, Liz

    1. Rhonda

      Hi Liz! You’ll have to let me know how the poppy seed cake turns out with the rosemary goat cheese. It sounds interesting. Maybe you have started something new! And yes, I made the Molasses Sugar Cookies but they didn’t make it under the tree! 🙂 When I start up with the journal again, I’ll start sending it once again to you. You and Paul have a wonderful new year. Love you both! Rhonda

  2. Paul Frymier

    My wife is also a major gardener. Would be very hard to get her to give up her gardens, for sure. We have two homes and gardens at both homes!


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