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Now that we’re settled in for the summer, waiting out hurricane season in Pensacola, we’ve been doing some tidying up here onboard Eagle Too. With the exception of promoting my novel Lunar Dance (you have seen the link on the page to purchase it from Amazon, yes?), we don’t usually engage in commerce here at Life On The Hook™. But I know some of our followers have boats similar to ours, and so I thought I’d quickly mention some windlass parts I just posted for sale on eBay.

You may remember that we recently replaced our ailing Simpson Lawrence Sprint Atlantic windlass with a new Lewmar V2. Well, the old one still worked, it’s just that it started tripping the breaker under load. I really didn’t have the time or the desire to dissemble it and try to figure out exactly where the problem was. Maybe the motor needs brushes, or maybe the gearbox needs to be disassembled, cleaned and re-lubed, or possibly it just needs a new bearing for the capstan shaft. Don’t know, and I really don’t care. But it occurs to me that someone else might like to take a crack at fixing it, and besides, there’s a perfectly good gypsy and capstan to scavenge for parts.


In addition, since the new V2 we installed uses a completely different solenoid pack and breaker, we have no use for the old ones. A spare solenoid or two and a breaker can be a handy thing to have onboard, so up on eBay they went.


If you have a similar unit on your boat, you might want to take a look. Here are the listings:

Sprint Atlantic Windlass

Windlass Motor and Gearbox

Windlass Solenoids and Breaker

So here’s a chance to grab some spares for your gear, and help us make a little more space here onboard Eagle Too in the process.

2 thoughts on “Cleaning House – Parts For Sale

  1. Never for Ever

    How are the seals? I’ve got a 2003 Hunter 386 and my Simpson Lawrence winch leaks like a sieve—and I can’t find any parts. I’m a away for a few weeks but if no one else bites and you would be willing to ship to Canada we might be able to make a deal.

    I’ve been enjoying your blog so far. Nice to see a similar boat out there on the ocean.


    1. Robert Post author

      I assume the seals are OK, because the unit didn’t really leak unless we took water over the bow and it came down the hawsepipe. Of course, these old windlasses were supposed to be greased annually to keep the shaft watertight. If we don’t get any takers, than I can relist it and open it for international buyers if you’re still interested. Not really trying to make a profit on this unit, I’d just like to see someone get some use out of the parts and cover my time to take it to the post office to ship.


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