Isla Mujeres Traffic

Isla Mujeres isn’t very large. It’s only a bit over four miles from the northern tip to the south end, and at its widest, it measures less than half a mile. Most of what a typical cruiser or tourist would want to do, like grab a bite at a restaurant or do some shopping, is concentrated in and around the town center at the north end of the island, where the streets tend to be extremely narrow. So a car just doesn’t make much sense as personal transportation. Most locals get around via golf cart or scooter, which for us seems a little fun and exotic due to its novelty. There are quite a few taxis on the island to shuttle the day-trippers around who ride the ferry over from Cancun, and the usual delivery vehicles and occasional large truck, but everyone seems to share the road without problem. Just keep to the right if you’re slow, and let the faster vehicles go around you. And watch out for speed bumps!

After being on Isla for several days, we’d explored everything within comfortable walking distance, and we wanted to see the rest of the island. We also planned to make a provisioning run to the island’s big grocery store, and we knew we wouldn’t be able to hand-carry everything back to the boat. So we decided to rent a golf cart for a few days. The price was about right at 700 pesos for 24 hours, which came to about $38 USD including gas and insurance. So we picked up our rental ride and off we went.


Did you notice our sophisticated parking brake in the picture above? 🙂

So for your viewing pleasure, here’s a little taste of what it’s like to get around on this tiny jewel of an island.

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