A Walk Around Havana

Much of Havana is strikingly beautiful.Havana1

Havana5 Havana6 Havana7 Havana2

A great deal of it looks like Berlin at the end of the Second World War.havana3

Some of it was just plain confusing.Havana4

A nude, bald woman with an enormous fork, riding a giant one-legged rooster? No idea what that was supposed to be about. But the architecture, the art and the music; it was all a feast for the senses. At some point we hope we have the bandwidth to be able to share more of the sights and sounds of this fascinating city. But a weather window has opened, and we need to continue pushing westward. We’ll be leaving in the morning, headed to Cabo San Antonio on Cuba’s western tip. We intend to make the trip as a series of day sails, stopping each night to anchor along the north coast. It should take us three or four days to make the trip. From there, we’ll be jumping across to Isla Mujeres, Mexico once conditions allow. Unfortunately, we don’t expect to find any WiFi again until we make the jump to Mexico, which should probably be sometime early next week. So I’m afraid you won’t be hearing from us again for a while. But rest assured that as soon as we’re able, we’ll check in. In the meantime, please feel free to send us all the prayers and positive energy that you are able to spare! Eagle Too out.

3 thoughts on “A Walk Around Havana

  1. Robin Scurr

    Enjoy the trip! One question … I thought US citizens travelling to Cuba had to start and end in the USA? You’re going from Florida to Cuba and then Mexico? Obviously this must have changed?

    1. Robert Post author

      Well Robin, we carry a pirate flag onboard for a reason. Our USCG 3300 does say that we have to return to the US. But we think for a number of reasons it would be better if we headed west to Mexico. Our theory is that the rules are changing so rapidly regarding travel to Cuba that by the time we finally return to the US in two or three years, no one will really care.


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