A Day With Dirt And Dali

Among other things, St. Petersburg hosts a world class museum featuring the works of Salvador Dali. It’s located just a few hundred yards from where our boat is docked, close enough that we don’t even have to bother with the bikes. When we saw that their current featured exhibit  was “Disney and Dali: Architects of Imagination,” well, we naturally wanted to check it out.

Fortunately, it was a Thurday, the day the Dali Museum offers a special $10 admission from 5 to 8:30 PM. Tickets are normally $24 each, and while we were intrigued, I’m not sure we were $48 intrigued. But for 20 bucks, sure, let’s try it.

But first, we had some time to kill. So we hopped on the Back Bay folding bikes and rode the mile and a half to Sunken Gardens, one of St. Pete’s oldest attractions. Rhonda has always had a love for horticulture, and a hundred year old tropical garden built in a sinkhole in the heart of the city sounded like a fine treat for her.


Our garden tour complete, on the ride back to the marina we ended up passing dangerously close to The Avenue, the little streetside bistro that we discovered on our first night here and which we can’t seem to go a day with visiting. It beckoned, and dammit, we were too weak to resist its call.TheAvenue1 TheAvenue3

Full of great food and some darn good beer, it was time to drop off the bikes at the boat and walk over to The Dali.




Dali6 Dali7 Dali8 Dali9 Dali10

Our lives sufficiently enriched, we returned to the boat for sundowners and to plan our next adventure in this really interesting town.

We’re tentatively planning to move the boat down to the Bradenton area tomorrow, weather permitting. Right now there is a strong NE wind and small craft advisories, but it’s only 15 nm across Tampa Bay, so as long as we can get out of the slip safely we should be fine. We’ll probably be there for a couple of days so that we can get some canvas projects done, but then we’ll need to pick up the pace heading south so that we can be in the Keys by the last week of the month. It looks like we still have a little over 200 nm to go.

One thing I will add about St. Petersburg is that if we were going to spend a bit more time here, we’d probably move the boat a little ways north to the Municipal Marina mooring field. They have a wonderful basin with over a dozen moorings that’s right in the middle of downtown. There’s an excellent dinghy dock, and the fee is only $15 a day. What a great rate for such a super location! I could see us getting stuck there for quite a while… 🙂StPete16


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