Cuba Bound!

Just a quick post to mention that we received a gift in the (e)mail today. When I checked my inbox after having lunch with Rhonda, I saw we had received a message from the US Coast Guard District Seven Response Department. It contained our approved USCG Form 3300 Cuban Territorial Seas Permit! It authorizes a 14 day temporary sojourn to Cuba for crew embarked on S/V Eagle Too to conduct journalistic research, departing Key West on or about 1 May 2016. How cool is that? Disney World? Nah, we’re going to Havana!Cuba

4 thoughts on “Cuba Bound!

    1. Robert Post author

      You have everything you need, Annie. It’s all in the presentation. For example, you could say you’re researching windsurfing sites on Cuba’s north coast for a guide you’re developing. Get a local kite shop to through in a small sponsorship and you’re legit. It’s not really for the Coast Guard to say whether your stated purpose meets the requirements or not. The rules assume that if you self-declare in one of the twelve allowed categories, then you’re legal. Just make sure you document the trip and file the Form 3300 with the 7th District at least a month in advance. And go before January of 2017, because after the next President takes office all bets are off regarding US-Cuba relations.


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