A Place For Stuff

There’s never enough room on a sailboat to store everything you’d like to have aboard. It’s always an exercise in possessional triage, trying to determine what is important enough to merit some of the limited storage space onboard, and what can be lived without (sometimes regretfully). Unlike a house or a motor home, you can’t just build a storage shed in the backyard or hook up a trailer for the overflow. But there are a few tricks you can employ. For instance, we’d previously posted a picture of the nice little decktop storage rack we had fabricated.


It turns the difficult to traverse area under the boom (you have to duck walk or crawl to get past the main sheet) into a useful storage spot. And with 500 watts of solar panels now gracing our bimini, we’ll never miss the 5 watt panel the rack covers.

And today, we had welders show up to replace our aft-most port and starboard top lifelines with solid rail. With storage on the stern pulpit already maxed out (barbeque, outboard motor, outboard crane and Lifesling use all the existing space), adding more rail will give us additional space to mount gear. This will also let us move the fishing rod holders off the bimini frame to the new rails, which will be much more secure.

Railings1 Railings2 Railings3 Railings4 Railings5Railings6

Now we can order that rail mounted anchor storage bracket for our 35 lb Manson Supreme that we replaced with The Kracken. 🙂

Another step closer…

2 thoughts on “A Place For Stuff

  1. Laura

    You will love those solid rails. We did that and not only do they offer storage space, but they make the cockpit more secure. We use ours to climb aboard and even stand on them to furl the mainsail.

    1. Robert Post author

      We’d originally thought of replacing both the upper and lower lifeline with rail, but eventually decided to do just the upper. Hopefully we won’t find ourselves in a few months wishing we’d spent the extra money!


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