A New Year’s Resolution

Rhonda and I have never really been big on New Year’s resolutions. But it’s January 1st, and this year, there is definitely something that I wish to resolve to accomplish. My resolution for 2016 is that this will be the year that all our hard work, planning and preparation pays off, and we finally throw off the dock lines and depart on our Life On The Hook™.


The Pensacola New Year’s Eve Pelican Drop

While it’s been a bit quiet here on the blog this holiday season, we’ve been quite busy trying to tackle the items still left on our prior-to-departure project list. Our new solar panel covered bimini is in its final stages, and our welder has finished the cabin top storage rack we designed. He should soon tackle replacing our aft top lifelines with solid rail to give us more space to attach gear.

Eagle Too Solar Panels

One more trip to the canvas shop to cut the viewing window for the helmsman and add the gussets to contain the wiring and it will be done!


Not sure yet what will go here, we just know we need more storage. The SCUBA tanks, perhaps…

And next week (weather permitting), we’re scheduled to motor over to Pensacola Shipyard to have all of our standing rigging replaced. With a little luck, our sails should be back from their trip to the sail spa soon, and once they’re back onboard, well, we should be just about ready!

It should be a very interesting few months. And yes, there will be pictures. 🙂

Here’s how we rang in the New Year. Not a bad town, this Pensacola. If only it were a bit warmer in the winter…

Happy New Year, everyone!

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