The Swift Current Of Time

The calendar page has flipped to December, and our sailing season has drawn to a close. On Deck

WIth Thanksgiving disappearing behind us, the days now rapidly count down to Christmas and the conclusion of this incredible year.


Everything needed for a family Thanksgiving dinner packed in a dock cart ready to take to our youngest son’s apartment.

Fortunately for us, a delightful week of unseasonably warm weather allowed us one last day on the water. After a quick breakfast in the cockpit:


we headed out onto the bay for our final sail of the year.

Sailing1 Sailing2

Then, after several too-brief hours, we reluctantly slid back into our slip, tied up the lines, and sat back with a sigh to reflect on the season’s end.

There may yet be days remaining that would be sufficiently warm to allow us to comfortably take to the water again. But time is growing short, and there are many things yet to accomplish. The day after finishing this final outing for the year, we stripped the sails off the boat, and searched for a suitable place to lay them out to be folded:


so that we could pack them in boxes to be shipped to Sail Care for a thorough cleaning and refurbishment.


Today, the canvas craftsmen arrived to begin the work of constructing our new bimini, which will incorporate the six solar panels we purchased to provide power onboard:

Biminiwhile our riggers went aloft to take the measurements for the new standing rigging we desire before departing.


While our existing shrouds and stays appear sound, the result of Eagle Too having lived a gentle freshwater life, we are reluctant to depart on an extended Caribbean excursion trusting to rigging that is already 18 years old. That’s about 75 in people years, and time takes it toll. New standing rigging is our insurance policy against losing our rig in a blow.

Our last big push has begun, and the days are flying by as we ride time’s swift current.

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