Monthly Archives: August 2015

Measuring Progress One Hole At A Time

If I go a week without cutting some kind of hole in the boat, I feel like I’m slacking off. By that measure, this has been a pretty good week.

While doing a test fit, I discovered that the swiveling feet on our shiny new Scanstrut radar mount won’t work with our mast profile. The integral spinnaker car track on the front of our mast is right where the rivets for the mount have to go. Now it’s not like Z-Spar furling masts are an odd rariety. Standing in my cockpit, I can look around and see at least a half dozen examples on neighboring boats. But somehow “optional parts required for use on Z-Spar furling masts” never made it into the manufacturer’s literature for the radar mount. Thank God for the internet. A few minutes with the all-knowing Oracle and I found the part number for the adapter fittings I needed. A few minutes after that, they were ordered and on their way. But now I had a few days to kill. Fortunately, the radar job requires that some holes be cut, so the week won’t feel like a waste!

First up was a wiring access hole at the mast step. I’m leaning toward bringing the big fat radar cable out the front of the mast and through a deck fitting rather than trying to pull (shove?) it through the standpipe inside the mast base. Plus this will let me access a problem area where a persistent rain leak is driving us buggy.


Then, because Otto took the only spare circuit breaker we had (Otto Joins The Crew), we needed to add an additional breaker panel under the chart table to supply the radar unit. And yes, that required another hole!

Holes2Holes3 Holes4

Yes, it’s been a good week so far. But seriously, it’s almost scary how many of these upgrade projects begin with “and first I need to cut a hole.” 🙂