Back At It

We returned from our trip to Alaska just in time to catch the peak of Pensacola’s summer sailing season—the 4th of July and the Pensacola Beach airshow (with the Blue Angels!) on two consecutive weekends. Consequently we’ve had very little time lately to put fingers to keyboard. We’ve been just too darn busy adding to our collection of experiences in what could be our last summer in this area for a while. But things are settling down a bit, so it’s time to catch up.

First up will be another quick boat hack that you might find interesting, and then in no particular order, some reflections on family connections, more storm tales, an introduction to our new crew member, a description of disappointing dinghy durability, the trial of the bumbling bureaucrats, views on retirement after six months, and yes, maybe even some pictures from Alaska!

And many thanks to the other Hunter 376 owners out there who have contacted us with words of praise. It’s really gratifying to see some of our ideas being adopted by others, and we’re delighted that you’re finding some useful information on our site. Maybe a future project will be a better tagging system to make it easier to find the boat upgrade and maintenance posts scattered among what is really our electronic diary.

So stay tuned, there are a lot of interesting things on the way!


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