Boat Hacks

Don’t tell her I said so, but our girl Eagle Too is a bit broad in the butt. We love her for it, and find her bootyliciousness quite appealing, as it makes for more room in the cockpit and the aft (our) cabin (more junk in the trunk?). But it can sometimes present Rhonda with a bit of a challenge. As I mentioned in our previous post, she does most of the driving. But with Eaglet (our dink) on the foredeck, Rhonda can’t see what’s in front unless she’s standing, and that just gets a bit tiring after a few hours. Even though our wheel is quite large, it isn’t large enough to let her look down the side of the boat to drive and still reach the helm.

As boats have gotten wider in the stern, the current best practice for craft the size of ours has been to add dual helms. This allows the helmsperson to drive from either the port or starboard aft quarter, looking down the rail of the boat. But this obviously isn’t an option for us. So we worked out a cheap and simple hack with a boat hook and a bungee cord that lets Rhonda sit and steer while also being able to see what’s in front.


Is it elegant? Not at all. But it gets the job done. So we’ll call it a hack rather than a solution, the first in what may become a random and occasional series of posts on little things that solve little problems.

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