Nice Town. We Should Visit More Often!

Having spent the previous weekend out sailing, and with plans to do the same next weekend, we thought this weekend seemed perfect for getting some boat chores done—sunny and mild with no rain in the forecast. But before starting, we thought we’d check out a few things going on around town first. So after breakfast, we headed over to the San Juan de Elcano for a free tour:

ElcanoTour1 ElcanoTour2 ElcanoTour4 ElcanoTour5 ElcanoTour6 ElcanoTour7I was impressed with the complexity of it all and the level of seamanship required to sail her:

ElcanoTour3 ElcanoTour8 ElcanoTour9And was left just a little embarrassed by our reliance on labels to keep things straight on our somewhat less complicated vessel:


Before heading back to the boat to  start working, we’d heard that they had closed the city’s main boulevard and had erected a giant waterslide down it, so we thought we’d head uptown to check it out:

Slide1 Slide2 Slide3 Slide4

After watching the antics and grooving to the island tunes for a while, we knew we needed to get back to the boat and get busy. But we had to pass right by the Farmer’s Market to return to the marina, so we naturally took some time to browse:

Market1 Market2

By this time we really needed to get back to the boat and get going on some projects. But we heard that the Fiesta of Five Flags Boat Parade was starting in less than an hour, and it sounded like a fun thing to check out, so we decided to go for a quick sail and watch the parade.  We’d heard they were departing Pensacola Yacht Club at 1PM, but when we motored out of our marina at 12:30, we found ourselves right in the middle of the event and unintentionally became part of the parade!

BoatParade BoatParade1 BoatParade2 BoatParade3

When we finally got untangled from the procession, we just had to take the time to sail by the Elcano, just because we could:




By the time we finally made it back to the marina, we surrendered any notion of getting work done, as it was now way too late to start on any of our incomplete onboard improvement projects. So we had a beer instead and promised ourselves we’d give it serious consideration the next day.

But when Sunday arrived, we remembered there was a free Tribute to Elton John concert at the Maritime Park.

Concert1 Concert2 Concert3It was a good show and a great venue and we really enjoyed ourselves. But it ran until after dark, so there was only one thing left to do—grab a few night shots of the Elcano with the moon rising above it, as it was leaving the next morning.

Elcano7And then the weekend was basically done. Over cocktails later that evening, Rhonda turned to me and said, “This Pensacola is a pretty nice town. We should visit more often!” I completely agree. We’d filled an entire weekend with interesting, fun and free things to do, and never once started the car. It was all within an easy 10 minute walk from our home on the water.

Oh well, maybe we’ll get this autopilot finished or get started installing the new radar next weekend. Oh wait, there’s that Steve Miller Band concert in Orange Beach that we want to sail to…

This really is a nice place to live, from April until November at least. By the way, happy first day of Hurricane Season, everyone. Keep your heads down and your fingers crossed!



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