While we’re getting a bit anxious to throw off the dock lines and get on with this grand adventure, at least the weather is finally nice enough to allow us to spend our weekends receiving much needed doses of aquatherapy.

A weekend on the water is the tonic that gets Rhonda through another week of earning money for the cruising kitty and gives me the energy to keep crawling through the bowels of the boat pulling wire for new gear.

The Spanish Mackerel are running, and Rhonda put both of her Cuban YoYo’s out to try and snag a few for dinner. No luck this time, but watch out little fishies, we’ll be back next weekend…


2 thoughts on “Aquatherapy

  1. kirk

    Enjoying your blog. Wife and I are at a similar stage in our lives as you. We haven’t decided exactly what we’re gonna do in retirement….Maybe get a sailboat?

    1. Robert Post author

      We’re glad you’re enjoying our blog! Living on a sailboat is a wonderful life, but not one to enter into lightly. If you haven’t already spent time sailing and have a true love for it, then I can’t recommend it as something to take up as a post-retirement lifestyle. Maintaining a boat is a full time job!


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