Thanks, I Needed That

You know, sometimes life on a sailboat can kinda suck. You’re standing on the foredeck with the sun beating down on you, sweat running in your eyes, as with one hand you fumble with the nuts for a piece of hardware that you don’t dare drop or it will go right overboard and you’ll have to buy another while with the other hand you try to reach a wrench that you just can’t stretch far enough to grab, stomach cramping slightly, probably from being a bit dehydrated due to being out in aforementioned hot sun for several hours now, and you think, “Man, this bites.”

Then a dolphin leaps six feet into the air directly off your bow and crashes back to the water with an enormous splash, makes several fast runs back and forth like a lightening-quick gray torpedo, and then speeds away. And a Bob Marley tune starts playing on Pandora and a cloud drifts across the sun instantly lowering the temperature 15 degrees and you shake your head and ask yourself, “What the hell just happened?”

And then you realize that there’s no place else in the world you’d want to be than on the deck of your boat.

Thanks, I needed that. Could you send him around again about 5 o’clock so Rhonda can see him too, please? 🙂

4 thoughts on “Thanks, I Needed That

  1. Candy Robertson Fansler

    Love that. It’s a great reminder. We’ve had temps in the high 80s, low 90s the last several days. Been at the same marina for 3 weeks getting work done to the boat. Beginning to get restless.

    1. Robert Post author

      What are you having done that’s taking so long? Was it planned, or did something onboard break once you headed out?

  2. Rhonda

    Thanks, Robert, for wanting me to see the dolphin once I got home from work. I do enjoy the seeing the dolphins each and every time we are sailing, however.


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