Hug The Bottle

Rhonda writes:

After Robert’s post regarding “Our Perfect Storm”, it had us thinking about what we need to secure on the boat when Eagle Too does pitch to and fro.  We do a good job in securing the cabin on each of our outings and as Robert mentioned we only had a couple of things “fly” thru the cabin; a bag of small parts off the chart table and the tissue box.

But we do have glassware on board.  Yes, we shouldn’t but there are times that tequila or scotch makes for good medicine.  We didn’t have any glass break during the storm, however, that doesn’t mean sometime down the road, it couldn’t.

Robert had heard or read about putting tube socks around bottles so that when you stow them, they wouldn’t bang back and forth against each other, decreasing the possibility of breakage.  If it happens that the bottles break (which would be such a waste), the socks will help soak up the liquid and help contain the glass.  So I went shopping and found the perfect looking knee socks.


I am able to put a sock on each of the wine bottles and stow them together below the deck, along with the socks on the tequila and scotch.




So now our bottles are being hugged and when we need that extra comfort, we will be able to pull the sock off, and pour ourselves a toddie for our bodies.


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