A Women’s Touch

Rhonda writes:

So, this is my first official blog post!

While Robert, now being retired, is enjoying his time working on projects to improve Eagle Too, I am continuing to work until such time that Eagle Too is ready to go on this grand adventure and I am also able to retire.  One of the many things I do miss now that we live on the boat are projects of my own—whether it is making a new flower bed, digging in the ground or helping Robert build things.

Since I am continuing to work, clothing space is an issue.  I have winter clothes (soon to be put into storage until next winter), spring/fall and summer clothes.  And it’s not just work clothes, there are my play clothes – everyday clothes that I change into after work, and the soon to be bathing suit weather type clothes.  (Ok, not much in that department but it still takes up space!)  Storage is at a premium so you have to get creative when living in a smaller space than what you were used to.

The “V” berth on Eagle Too is my area.  Yes, I get a whole area!  But that will change once I am retired.  We will probably need to sleep up in the “V” berth when we are not hooked up to power for the A/C.  There is better ventilation/air flow up there.  Unlike on Eagle, Eagle Too has a vanity with sink and mirror in the “V” berth.  I can have my toiletries and makeup in the “V” berth without taking up valuable space in the head.


Where Robert has all his gadgets and gizmos (tools and such) stored in cubbies here and there, I have kept most of my clothes and some boat shoes in the “V” berth.  (Oh, and all towels and washcloths for both dishes and bathing share the “V” berth with me.)  I had gone to the storage units recently (we have 3 units at this point) to take most of the winter clothes to store and bring out the spring/fall and summer clothes.  Yes, I have WAY too much so I will have to pick and choose.  But in the meantime, they all came down to the boat.

So, I pondered, and looked on the web to see what I could find regarding a small free-standing clothes hanging item.  The closet could hold my dresses and some other clothes but my clothes do share space with other unrelated items such as a small heater and a fold up rolling cart for when Robert sells his books (such as at the Pensacola JazzFest coming up on April 11 and April 12).  Yep, I put a plug in for my husband!

So I measured the “V” berth to see how big (or small) of an area I could work in.  I think I had a solution.  I went to Lowe’s and bought these items:


I am so excited about purchasing materials and going back to the boat and building it.



Yes, not the most attractive piece of furniture, but, hey, I thought, executed, bought and made it myself  and if I say so myself, it is doing what I made it to do.



Now we’ll see if it will withstand the heeling when we go out sailing this weekend!

So I now have a functioning clothes hanging device!

And don’t start me on my shoe space.  I solved that by having a suitcase under my desk at work.  I go to and from work in a pair of slip on shoes and put a pair of more appropriate shoes on at work.  It’s challenging to go up and down a ladder in heels!


Oh, and stay tuned on where I am going to store all my fishing gear!

6 thoughts on “A Women’s Touch

  1. Candy Fansler

    Everything is a compromise on a boat, isn’t, Rhonda? We leave in a week on our sailing adventure and have been back and forth to our storage units (we have 4, ugh!) countles times, paring down but, oh,there’s my rain boots I might need, or whatever, so I can truly empathise.
    Larry and I have really enjoyed your blog and hope to meet up with you some day on the water!
    Grace & Peace,
    Candy Fansler
    Knoxville, TN

    1. Rhonda

      Thanks, Candy, for being the first to respond to my post! We hope that we do meet up one day. I hope you and Larry start a blog on your sailing adventure so we can keep up on what you are doing and where you are. Rhonda


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