The Latest In Nautical Fashion

I’m pretty sure we’ve never done a post addressing cruising couture. With our focus on the how’s and why’s of adopting and adapting to a Life On The Hook™, we’ve obviously overlooked an area that could be of significant interest to many. In an attempt to remedy this deficiency and possibly broaden our appeal, I thought we’d do our first fashion post and bring this little number to your attention. We encountered it while idly perusing the wares presented by various vendors at last weekend’s Renaissance Faire. Ladies and gentlemen, may we present this spring’s must-have item of beach and boat wear, the steel bikini:

SteelBikiniHandcrafted in stainless steel chainmail, this charming number is suitable for a full range of sailing adventures, from casual raids and boarding parties to the most elegant sacking and pillaging. Complete the ensemble with specially crafted matching accessories, including the snappy rope-braided chainmail necklace and, what are they, garters possibly?

Does it rust? Does it mess up the compass when you’re at the helm? Do you need to wear a life jacket so that the weight doesn’t drown you? Do you get a tingle all over when you key the VHF?What’s its SPF rating? I mean, you can see right though it, so clearly you’re going to get a sunburn. So many questions!

Suffice it to say that you probably won’t be seeing one of these added to Eagle Too’s equipment list. But if you want to drop by wearing one, we’ll be happy to buy you a drink!

Sorry, it just seemed like a good day for something a little silly. 🙂

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