One Year Later…

It was a year ago today that I first clicked the publish button and Life On The Hook™ was born. It’s mind boggling to consider how much change we’ve seen since then. When our first post went live, we were still saying if we sell the house and go cruising, rather than when. We were still debating the relative merits of trying to go with the boat we then owned versus seeking a good deal on a larger vessel. I hadn’t yet decided to submit my retirement application. We were tentatively edging towards the future we believed we wanted, but didn’t yet own the idea, or feel we were definitely on our way. I think we spent each day waiting to see if there was another shoe to drop that would cause us to alter course and embark on a different path.

What a difference a trip around the Sun has made. Since that first hesitant post, we:

  • Found the perfect boat. Then lost it. Then got it back again, and successfully purchased her.
  • Shipped our new boat from the lake in Tennessee where we found her to Pensacola.
  • Listed our previous boat, and in record time found the perfect buyers.
  • Listed our house, and again found the perfect buyers (or at least, the best we could have reasonably hoped for).
  • Spent the holiday season in a panic trying to pare down 35 years worth of possessions and treasures to just those things we truly couldn’t part with, and then sold or donated the rest.
  • Moved out of our house and into a hotel, and put our treasures in storage.
  • Became full time live aboards.
  • Wrapped up my career of 31 years.

I’ve always said if it was meant to be, it would happen. We did our part to get ready, and life did its part and just sort of fell into place. But then I’ve always said that good luck is what you get when preparation meets opportunity. So here we sit in the salon one year later rocking gently in our slip, not yet living the true cruising life we hoped to ultimately achieve, but certainly well on our way. Each day we awaken onboard offers confirmation that there’s adventure ahead.

Where will the next year take us? We can’t say for sure. Eagle Too is fundamentally sound, but we have a pretty extensive list of things we’re planning to do that will take us at least until summer to finish. If I’m honest with myself and reflect on what we’ve been able to get done in the ten weeks we’ve lived onboard, well, maybe being finished by summer is too optimistic. But I do hope that when we publish our next annual reflection, it will be datelined somewhere warmer than here…:-)OneYearLaterCheers!

2 thoughts on “One Year Later…

    1. Robert Post author

      We definitely hope to join you two for a libation someday. Not sure at the moment which way to head though. We were thinking of coastal hopping down to the Keys, jumping over to the Bahamas and then starting to work our way south. But if we’re not able to leave the dock this year, they’ll be running the Regatta Al Sol in early 2016, which leaves Pensacola for Isla Mujeres, five to six days straight south across the Gulf. If we did that, we’d then be able to coastal cruise Mexico and all of Central America. Tempting. We’ll see. Stay tuned…


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