Another Big Step

I started working when I was sixteen. That was 40 years ago. Except for a few weeks in 1989, I’ve been employed ever since. I was privileged to spend 36 of those years supporting the finest Navy in the world—six years on active duty, five years as a defense consultant, and 25 years in civil service. With my military time, I have over 31 years of public service.

But today is a big day for me. Because today is my last day. As of 1600 (4PM if you prefer), I am officially, completely, and wholeheartedly retired.


From now on it’s all about getting ready for Rhonda and Robert’s Excellent Adventure. Now the real fun begins…

5 thoughts on “Another Big Step

    1. Robert Post author

      Thanks Keith! Rhonda does deserve a lot of credit. She’s done an awesome job of handling the finances such that we can now afford to pursue our dream.


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