Waiting For Global Warming

I’ve been listening to the climate alarmists for 25 or 30 years now. Weren’t we all supposed to be prostrate from terminal heat exhaustion by now?

Pensacola Plaza Ferdinand Fountain 1/9/2015

Pensacola Plaza Ferdinand Fountain 1/9/2015

I took this picture during this morning’s walkabout. Reminder – we live in Florida, in case you forgot. If global warming would quit taking its sweet time getting here, maybe we wouldn’t be so anxious to head south in search of perpetual summer! On another (related) note, be advised that a 16K reverse cycle heat pump will not keep a 37 foot boat warm when it’s  only 19°F (that’s -7° Celsius for you international readers). After a somewhat chilly night with the heat running non-stop while temps fell onboard to the low-60’s by morning, I decided to make a run to the storage unit to pick up our backup heater, which I did not expect to need again. Things are now nice and cozy I’m happy to say, meanwhile outside temperatures are predicted to be back on the low side of normal in another day or two. 20150109_094842 So be advised. If you’re planning to head this way at this time of year, don’t pack that spare heater away. At least not until we finally get some of that warming we’re always being told is direly imminent. Sure could use some of those warm summer breezes right now. Thinking tropical island thoughts…

Cheers (and a few shivers)

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