One Amazing Year


Sometimes a year passes and very little changes from one New Year’s Day to the next. Other times a year will put you through the wringer and the place where you end up bears no resemblance to where you started out.. Guess what type of year this was for us. While we had ambitious hopes and dreams for 2014, we never in a million years intended for 95% of the changes in our life to occur in the last 5% of the year.  But that’s pretty much how things played out. Since last we wrote in mid-December, Rhonda and I have:

Re-launched Eagle Too, her mini-refit finished (on time and on budget!), with numerous little improvements made to make her a better liveaboard.


We motored her temporarily back to her old home at Pensacola Naval Air Station (as usual when we have boat chores to do in the winter, it was cold as hell!) Our youngest son Corey came along to help with lines.

Still Not Our Idea Of Florida Fun

Still Not Our Idea Of Florida Fun

We then celebrated our first homeless Christmas in over 30 years, borrowing a relative’s house in order to cook Christmas dinner and exchange presents with our family. It was without a doubt the oddest Yuletide I’ve experienced since the one I spent deep beneath the surface of the Pacific ocean dodging Soviet Victor III attack subs (but that’s another story that I still might not be legally able to tell…) Ours has traditionally been the house that everyone has gathered at for the holidays, but since we were still living at the Homewood Suites, well, we made the best of it.

Then on the day after Christmas, we moved Eagle Too to her new home in the heart of downtown Pensacola. The day after that, we said goodbye to the folks at the Homewood and moved aboard, where we will live happily ever after. Until we head south, that is.

Our New Home

Our New Home

We’re on E dock, so if you know where that is, feel free to stop by and pay us a visit.

We then spent a week trying to figure out where in the hell we’re going to put everything, taking occasional breaks to enjoy being downtown for the holidays:


meeting fellow Seahawks fans to root for our team (at a bar we can now walk to in five minutes instead of taking 25 minutes by car):

No, I'm The One Taking The Picture

No, I’m The One Taking The Picture

and ringing in the New Year at the celebration occurring literally in our backyard with bands, parades and fireworks:

Party On Garden Street

Party On Garden Street

Including of course Pensacola’s own unique and home grown  NYE event, the (could quite possibly be) world famous Pelican Drop:


So while we had a vague and general sense of the direction we wanted to move in this year, I can honestly say that when I wrote this post back in March, I really didn’t believe that by the end of the year, we’d be living here:


The day we moved aboard, we ran across our rigger Rick Zern, who was on the dock with his crew working on several boats in the marina. When we explained to him that we now lived onboard, he said, “Congratulations! You’re now part of the 2%.” Not feeling much like Wall Street bazillionaires, we asked him what he meant.

“Lots of people say they’re going to sell everything and live on their boat,” he explained. “But only 2% ever do.”

So I guess that makes us a rare breed. I like that… 🙂

We’ll have more to say soon as we sort through the things we got right, the things we got wrong, and the things we never thought of regarding what it takes to make a cruiser a comfortable live aboard. Hopefully there will be some gem of wisdom in there that you might find useful if you’re contemplating making the same leap. For now, we’d just like to wish everyone a Happy New Year, and we hope you all keep pursuing your dream.



4 thoughts on “One Amazing Year

    1. Robert Post author

      I guess there are a lot of dreamers out there that never become doers. Rick would know, he’s the best rigger in the area and has probably worked for everyone from Tampa to New Orleans.

    1. Robert Post author

      I know, right? It’s only because when I submitted my work list to the shipyard for an estimate prior to the haulout, I took the number they gave me and added 50%, and used that as my budget for the project. What’s also been working in our favor is that Eagle Too was a one-owner fresh water boat when we bought her, so what you see is pretty much what you get – very few hidden surprises with this boat so far! (knocking very firmly on a nice piece of teak)


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