Caution – Adventure Ahead

For most of our lives, Rhonda and I have rolled along the crowded and well-traveled turnpike of American middle-class life.  A few years ago, we decided we might enjoy getting off the main thoroughfare for a while and taking the scenic route instead. It’s a slower, less certain byway with fewer amenities, but we hear it can be an amazing experience and well worth the trip.

Earlier this year, we thought we saw our exit coming up. We turned on our blinker and started moving toward the right hand lane.

Yesterday, we finally left the highway behind and pulled off onto the exit ramp headed for the road less traveled. We’re still not completely certain it’s the direction we ought to take, which leaves us feeling a little nervous, but all change tends to be somewhat unsettling. So while the destination this particular exit leads to is somewhat of a mystery, it promises to be an amazing journey.


If you happen to know of anyone who’s looking for a four bedroom custom home on acreage that has the privacy of a country house with the benefits of a close-in location, please send them our way. Because we have a boat to catch, rum to drink, sunsets to toast, islands to explore, dreams to make real…

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